Today is the day you learn that the local police don’t take missing persons reports over the phone. Your first compulsion is to stay, and search the house again. You feel like you’ve missed some important clue. You force yourself to leave the house and drive to the police station. The drive, though short, is unbearable.

You arrive at the station, and an officer at the front desk asks you to wait for a detective. You take a seat in the waiting area, every minute feeling like an eternity. Your brother is out there, somewhere. Even though you feel powerless, there is still a compulsion to act. After waiting the longest seven minutes of your life, a man comes to get you. He introduces himself as Detective Phillips, and invites you to his desk.

Once there, you proceed to give the detective every bit of information you can. You tell him about your brother’s reclusive nature, his changing of the locks, and the strange markings all over the house. He types everything up on his computer, and produces an incident report for you.

“Don’t worry,” he says, “we’ll look into it.”


Your brother is never seen again.


You often find yourself replaying the incidents over and over in your head, wondering if there is something you could have done differently.