You approach the symbol on the floor, and the lights around you grow dim. The candles do not go out, they simply fade. The closer you get to the center of the diagram, the darker the world around you becomes. This isn’t right. You know it. Things like this don’t just happen. Every fiber of your being is shouting in fear.

You also know without a single doubt this is where your brother went. All those years, he was right: he has found a way into the Inner Domain. You shake the last bit of hesitation and step into the center of the seal. All light fades from the world. In the darkness, you hear voices whispering, barely audible, in a language you could never hope to understand.

Suddenly, you feel intense spikes of pressure against your skull, as if something were attempting to break into it. You fall to your knees, clenching your eyes shut. The pain is intense, and something inside you says push back. You focus on the task at hand. You need to find your brother. After a moment, the assault seems to end.

You open your eyes and find yourself standing at The Crossroads, one of the three points circled on your brother’s map. It is a crumbling underground tunnel, seemingly built centuries ago. The walls are made of large limestone bricks, with sconces holding torches every twenty feet or so. The architecture of the whole area is suspect, as if it was built hurriedly and haphazardly. The floor is dry, packed dirt.

Behind you is a tunnel that leads to darkness. In the distance, you can see what appears to be an etching of the same symbol that brought you here, glowing faintly. You think that’s the way home, though you can’t be sure.

According to your brother’s map, to the left lie the tombs, and to the right you’ll find the temple.

Part of you — a very strong, sensible part of you — tells you to run. You fight the urge. You aren’t leaving without your brother.