I've got another writing project I'm working on at the moment, and my goal is to complete it tomorrow, if not tonight.


It's been a weird week. Here are some quotes that are on my mind.

Sometimes we can choose the path we follow. Sometimes our choices are made for us. And sometimes we have no choice at all.
— The Sandman: Seasons of Mists(Chapter 1)
Intent and outcome are rarely coincident.
— The Sandman: The Kindly Ones(Chapter 11)
Nothing in this world that’s worth having comes easy.
— Scrubs, My Boss's Free Haircut (Season 4, Episode 20)
Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly.
— The Sandman: Fear of Falling (Vertigo Preview #1)

(a very popular quote, apparently)


More ramblings will come. Give me a week or two. My final deadline is pretty much the end of the month.

Posted on December 5, 2013 .