You run up the stairs and dark through the kitchen, fumbling with the kitchen door as you attempt to unlock it. You feel a pinch in your lower back and into your gut, and the pain radiates from that point to the rest of your body. A hand grabs your shoulder and presses you against the door. Another shock of pain courses through you and the hand releases you.

Slowly, you turn, grasping your side in pain, to find Gerard and the beautiful woman, along with the young man Gerard was kissing. Behind them, you see an overweight young girl in a tattered pink Victorian dress standing beside a fat, middle-aged man in sweat pants and a sweat-stained t-shirt. Three more figures in the darkness, impossible to make out, stand with them. Your vision blurs, and you collapse.

“It has been so long,” you hear the young girl say. “Can we finally eat?”

“Oh, yes,” Gerard tells her. “Anything you want.”

You try to cling to consciousness, but you are so tired. You close your eyes.